What are all the characteristics and personality of German shepherd breed?

The German shepherd dog is a medium to large sized dog breed which is actually familiar in Germany. It is very intelligent and so adaptable dog and it is also considered to be the natural protector. It can actually perform just about kinds of jobs and it is unstoppable & active at all.

Characteristics of this breed:

  • It has the best adaptability nature and also trainability and watch dog ability.

  • When it comes to the affection level, it is moderately affectionate to the handlers.

  • It has the lower barking tendencies and moderate apartment friendly to rise in the apartments.

  • It is too child friendly but it will not attach to the cats too much but somewhat attached to them.

  • German Shepherd dog breeds are little dog friendly to other dogs and it is purely intelligent dogs to provide the proper training. This is why it is better having this breed dog in the intelligence works, detective agencies and police departments.

  • It will have minor or major health issues so the pet owners should be very careful in buying dog products and the best dog food for large dogs, which are healthy and only active to use.

  • But it is not a stranger friendly so it is highly important to keep away from these dogs when you or any other person is stranger to it.

  • It is moderately playfulness and social needs with the best shedding level.

This dog breed is highly considered to be the finest all purpose workers at all the times. The German Shepherds are agile, large, highly intelligence and also the muscular dog of the noble character.

Some other considerable personality:

German Shepherd is truly confident, loyal, a dog lover’s delight, steady and also the courageous dog. It can grow as much as 26 inches at the shoulder level and have the beautiful curves instead of angles and provides a picture of smooth. As it has the best ability to learn the commands from its handler for many tasks, it can able to easily defend the loved ones. This dog breed has the extraordinary willingness to put the loved one’s life in the most protective manner. They are always gentle family pets and also the steady fast guardians but they are highly standard.

Due to all these characteristics and personality, the German Shepherd dog breed got a name for himself as the military dog, police dog, search & rescue dog, guide & assistance dog, and also a detector dog. It has surpassed in every canine sport including obedience, agility, tracking, rally, tracking and also herding. They still work like the domestic animals on the ranches and farms around the world. When you would like to raise one or more German Shepherd dog at your home, you should need to be prepared for providing the healthy foods, active products to play, more exercises and also the mental stimulation to make your dog more intelligent and active. You can find these dog products at this website.

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